Golf Is the Perfect College Fund Raising Idea

College fund raising ideas can be quite creative since you are not limited to events that only children can accomplish. Some of the best college fund raising ideas are simple to put together, and can often times reap huge profits for a college group or organization.

This article is designed to show you a fast way fundraising golf tournaments to raise money for your favorite college group. Keep an open mind and try this golfing fundraising idea next time.

Golf Is In Season

Most colleges have a golf team or at least several people who love to play golf. One good college fund raising idea would be to have a crazy golf tournament where the golfers must perform crazy shots on each hole. You will give each team 9 or 18 envelopes at the start of the tournament, depending on how many holes they will play. Nine holes is recommended for this type of event.

Next you have the golfers open only one envelope per start of each hole. This will determine what they must do on that hole. They may have to throw the ball until they get it on the green. Then they must put the ball with a driver or 5 iron or whatever you come up with. You should keep it realistic, creative, and most of all fun.

You might even have a blind fold on some holes and require them to putt with a blind fold on. This will have everyone laughing and having a great time.

The way to make money is by charging each team a fee to compete. This fee should cover the course fee, plus add a reasonable amount of money to your college fundraising cause.

If you want to add even more money to this college fundraising idea you can sell extra strokes. The way this works is that on a hole if they want to have a do over or remove one bad stroke they can do so with a coupon they have pre-purchased at the beginning of the tournament.

At the end of the tournament you can hand out some nice prizes for first through fifth place or so. It would be best to try and get your prizes donated by sponsors. You can offer to place the company’s business cards in each envelope if they give a nice donation. There are several other ways you can probably think of to help promote companies who donate to your cause. They are mostly interested in the PR they will receive for helping.